Monday, 25 January 2010

The Grandparents

They took me to see the Grandparents. She's mother and father that is.  They have a nice big garden that I can run and play fetch in and that was nice. They seem a nice pair of people. A little old perhaps with him being 90 but he seems plenty of fun. When He, She and Little She go away they would like me to stay there as they think I will be happier than in kennels so I was trying them out and they were trying me out. They used to have dogs, about 14 at once at one time, but now don't have any.

Well, I settled down pretty well with the house being nice with lovely warm rugs. But I needed to check them out properly. Old She was OK I suppose, but a bit boring. She doesn't move too well and doesn't do exciting things. Not sure about Old He though....  I tried to stand on his lap and lick his nose, but he laughed and turned away so I chased his nose and he turned away and laughed some more. He seemed to think this was a game and was enjoying it. I pushed him back in his seat and put my paws on his chest and he still laughed and turned away so I am not sure about him at all.

I think they must miss their dogs which now would be too much for them and to have me stay a while would be enjoyable for us all, so I think it will work.  Maybe I can go and get that nose of his every time He and She go visiting? That would be fun......

for all of us.

Bath Time

They complained that I smelled of kennels. Was that to be surprised at? I had spent a week in a..... duh..... kennel after being picked up off the street!

I thought I could make this fun and planned my strategy..... They closed all the doors, put me on a lead and took me on the yard! But that's CHEATING. Still there was scope.... Hang on why did he put on a big waterproof coat?

Then it occurred to me, they've done this before! Out came a bucket of warm water and yoghurt carton and one ladled water on while one shampooed. Quick shake - so they've not finished who cares - and they weren't expecting that! I must do that again. Right I'll go in now..  Door's still shut! They are even going to towel me down out here! But it's cold they must let me in..  Not dry yet but they let me in and now the kitchen isn't dry either!!  That'll learn 'em as they say round 'ere. 'Nother shake  - hang He's carrying me onto a towel in front of the fire...  Ok that's not so bad.

Just wait though, after we've walked round the damp and dirty wood a few times He may be doing this again.

And again.

And again.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Second day and walks

I have now settled to being prepared to sleep on the landing with all the doors open to my bed. Problem is against the dark carpet I am invisible and when people have to cross the landing in the dark they have to be very careful of me!

We start the day with the most important thing - FOOD -and then go walking. They have now got me an extending lead, which I prefer, so that I can trot on ahead and take my time sniffing all the important sniffs I might otherwise miss. So yesterday morning, our first early morning walk, we started to run a bit late (He he he) and as a result I had him jogging for quite a way round the wood. All togged up for the cold! That made him sweat and I enjoyed that bit especially! But we got back in time so that I could meet the girlie friends as they came to meet Little She as they walk to school together.

Later I decided to go to the library after a walk. On this walk I had a serious lesson to teach them. He decided to go off the path to take a bag to a bin and leave me behind! She is too strong and I couldn't pull her with me to catch him. I waited ages and ages and still he didn't return. She was laughing at me! ME!  When finally he agreed to return I bounced up at him, all feet clear of the ground, to try to bite his nose but he kept laughing and dodging me. Finally he grabbed me pulled me in and tickled my ears and I forgave him, a bit. He can't get away with that kind of behaviour.

We went off to the library and I chose a book by Gillian Philip and 2 by Mary Hoffman. Should be good reading. Little She has read some Mary Hoffman and recommends it and at first glance the Gillian Philip looks fun.

Later I bathed and met Second Little She - I suppose technically she's First Little She but she doesn't live with me so I shall call her Second.

More about the bath with clean pictures of me later.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

First Night

I have a lot to teach these people. They expected me to sleep in the kitchen! On my own! Quietly! Lesson One:- I make the rules not them!

First they try to go to bed at 11:30 and leave me in the dark, on my own, in the kitchen. First I keep calling to them that I don't want to be alone - not too loud understand but loud enough. I have adopted a spot in dining room near the table where they play on Facebook all day. It's dark, quiet and near to them. So I let myself out of the kitchen and went to my spot.

I was amazed! They WEREN'T on Facebook! They weren't there. I set off in search leaving a trail of open doors behind me. I went upstairs. They had told me I wasn't to go up them but they didn't tell me they slept up there! I found their room and let myself in. Ah! Found Mrs and stuck my cold wet nose in her face!

She still thought she was dominant and brought me down stairs again and tried to get me to sleep and while she did this she went on Facebook again!

She sneaked off when she thought I was asleep and I sneaked after her. She couldn't make up her mind what to do but He said that I was sleeping quietly so leave me alone, so they did and I did and we are all happy. Or are we?

I have brought it upon myself early. They were going to tolerate my smell while I settled down and not stress me too much but now they understand the terms they are talking about bathing me today. YIPES!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I'm Dylan. I am about 12 months old and was picked up by the City Dog Wardens as I was a stray. I plan on blogging here some of my exploits as I adopt this new family. I have already taught them to use some commands like 'sit' and 'lie' and 'stay' and they seem to learn quick enough.  Enough for now, just wanted to introduce myself to you.