Monday, 5 April 2010

April - Easter and a second birthday

Yesterday was Her birthday and so it was mine too! (Again).  He took Her tea in bed and then it was pressie time! She sat opening boring present after boring present UNTIL this was going to be the good one! I ran round the bed and sat - nicely - with my ears pricked up waiting. She didn't know what it was - I did! Of course I hadn't seen it packed and I hadn't smelled it but I am a dog and I knew what it was! Why were they all baffled? It was dog biscuits - for ME!

They haven't given me any of these before, but they are my favourites. There, in the bedroom, I had 3 and each was lovely. happy days.

The las parcel to be opened was another treat for me - a special Easter treat parcel. Biscuits as bunnies and eggs. These are nice too but 'take a lot of crunching' as she says.

Another good birthday for me! Yay!

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