Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shhhh! Sleeping...

Since arriving at this my new home with He, She and Little She I have slept in the bedroom with He and She. They tried to make me sleep downstairs, but I can open doors and I have been  abandoned before. I have to wait while they change, but I lurk outside the door and at the first opportunity I am in, onto my 'rug' beside She and where I can keep an eye on the door. When He starts to settle down to sleep I wander round the bed and stick my nose into bed to say goodnight to him. He rubs my ears and I wander back to my rug. During the night I patrol around the room occasionally to make sure all is well and if I need to go out, which is unusual, I will wake He up. Normally though, it's he disturbing me with his wanderings, when he will send me in the garden for a short while, but when I come back in I will race him back upstairs! During the day I have my 'bed' in a spot by the table at which they eat and this is a lovely spot. Why? Well, in the picture above you should see why... I don't get food at the table but there is a shelf where I can put my head!  After baths and when the weather's cold I get the opportunity to sleep by the fire, but the hearth is nothing like so high meaning it's not as comfortable as my shelf.

They believe my head is the shape of an Alsation's and that's a lot of head for a small dog, so I need somewhere to leave it occasionally and I have been known to rest it on a dining room chair to get the weight off my feet!

I don't sleep as much as many other dogs, but when I do then things have to be as I like them!  Life is good!

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