Saturday, 20 March 2010


I am a stray...  Well I was a stray. How sad. Not really because I have fallen on my feet and am really happy now.

Being an ex-stray means they don't know my birthday and I was too young to remember even if I could tell them! My 'paperwork' says 1st January but paperwork has to say something!

Well He just had a birthday and so I had one too! I was given some nice new toys and some chews.

I have a nice blue toy with a bell in it and a red rubber ring.

The blue one with a bell is quite nice and I can toss this in the house and catch it again. I can also gnawg it between my paws and it makes it's lovely noise in my mouth which goes right up to my ears and is a lovely sound.

The red ring is nice too though and this I can hold in my mouth and pull with my feet which is fun. I can also toss and catch this one but pulling this one is most fun.

They seem surprised by the way I use my feet to play, but they use their hands so why shouldn't I use my feet?

May I say that while these two toys are fun I still like to play with my yellow squeaky ball when out of the garden because it bounces and I can leap in the air to catch it.

Well, back to birthdays. I have just shared His birthday and I plan on sharing one in April and another in June. I wonder what the chances are of 1 in July? There's another in September and another in November but I wonder if that's getting a little greedy?


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