Monday, 25 January 2010

Bath Time

They complained that I smelled of kennels. Was that to be surprised at? I had spent a week in a..... duh..... kennel after being picked up off the street!

I thought I could make this fun and planned my strategy..... They closed all the doors, put me on a lead and took me on the yard! But that's CHEATING. Still there was scope.... Hang on why did he put on a big waterproof coat?

Then it occurred to me, they've done this before! Out came a bucket of warm water and yoghurt carton and one ladled water on while one shampooed. Quick shake - so they've not finished who cares - and they weren't expecting that! I must do that again. Right I'll go in now..  Door's still shut! They are even going to towel me down out here! But it's cold they must let me in..  Not dry yet but they let me in and now the kitchen isn't dry either!!  That'll learn 'em as they say round 'ere. 'Nother shake  - hang He's carrying me onto a towel in front of the fire...  Ok that's not so bad.

Just wait though, after we've walked round the damp and dirty wood a few times He may be doing this again.

And again.

And again.

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