Friday, 22 January 2010

Second day and walks

I have now settled to being prepared to sleep on the landing with all the doors open to my bed. Problem is against the dark carpet I am invisible and when people have to cross the landing in the dark they have to be very careful of me!

We start the day with the most important thing - FOOD -and then go walking. They have now got me an extending lead, which I prefer, so that I can trot on ahead and take my time sniffing all the important sniffs I might otherwise miss. So yesterday morning, our first early morning walk, we started to run a bit late (He he he) and as a result I had him jogging for quite a way round the wood. All togged up for the cold! That made him sweat and I enjoyed that bit especially! But we got back in time so that I could meet the girlie friends as they came to meet Little She as they walk to school together.

Later I decided to go to the library after a walk. On this walk I had a serious lesson to teach them. He decided to go off the path to take a bag to a bin and leave me behind! She is too strong and I couldn't pull her with me to catch him. I waited ages and ages and still he didn't return. She was laughing at me! ME!  When finally he agreed to return I bounced up at him, all feet clear of the ground, to try to bite his nose but he kept laughing and dodging me. Finally he grabbed me pulled me in and tickled my ears and I forgave him, a bit. He can't get away with that kind of behaviour.

We went off to the library and I chose a book by Gillian Philip and 2 by Mary Hoffman. Should be good reading. Little She has read some Mary Hoffman and recommends it and at first glance the Gillian Philip looks fun.

Later I bathed and met Second Little She - I suppose technically she's First Little She but she doesn't live with me so I shall call her Second.

More about the bath with clean pictures of me later.

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  1. Sounds like you are settling in well Dylan. Glad to see you like reading and have been to the library. Enjoy your book.
    Karen x