Monday, 25 January 2010

The Grandparents

They took me to see the Grandparents. She's mother and father that is.  They have a nice big garden that I can run and play fetch in and that was nice. They seem a nice pair of people. A little old perhaps with him being 90 but he seems plenty of fun. When He, She and Little She go away they would like me to stay there as they think I will be happier than in kennels so I was trying them out and they were trying me out. They used to have dogs, about 14 at once at one time, but now don't have any.

Well, I settled down pretty well with the house being nice with lovely warm rugs. But I needed to check them out properly. Old She was OK I suppose, but a bit boring. She doesn't move too well and doesn't do exciting things. Not sure about Old He though....  I tried to stand on his lap and lick his nose, but he laughed and turned away so I chased his nose and he turned away and laughed some more. He seemed to think this was a game and was enjoying it. I pushed him back in his seat and put my paws on his chest and he still laughed and turned away so I am not sure about him at all.

I think they must miss their dogs which now would be too much for them and to have me stay a while would be enjoyable for us all, so I think it will work.  Maybe I can go and get that nose of his every time He and She go visiting? That would be fun......

for all of us.

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