Thursday, 21 January 2010

First Night

I have a lot to teach these people. They expected me to sleep in the kitchen! On my own! Quietly! Lesson One:- I make the rules not them!

First they try to go to bed at 11:30 and leave me in the dark, on my own, in the kitchen. First I keep calling to them that I don't want to be alone - not too loud understand but loud enough. I have adopted a spot in dining room near the table where they play on Facebook all day. It's dark, quiet and near to them. So I let myself out of the kitchen and went to my spot.

I was amazed! They WEREN'T on Facebook! They weren't there. I set off in search leaving a trail of open doors behind me. I went upstairs. They had told me I wasn't to go up them but they didn't tell me they slept up there! I found their room and let myself in. Ah! Found Mrs and stuck my cold wet nose in her face!

She still thought she was dominant and brought me down stairs again and tried to get me to sleep and while she did this she went on Facebook again!

She sneaked off when she thought I was asleep and I sneaked after her. She couldn't make up her mind what to do but He said that I was sleeping quietly so leave me alone, so they did and I did and we are all happy. Or are we?

I have brought it upon myself early. They were going to tolerate my smell while I settled down and not stress me too much but now they understand the terms they are talking about bathing me today. YIPES!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dylan,
    The kitchen isn't too bad a place to get stuck as that is where Mr & Mrs keep their food. You could always have a midnight feast.
    There is a lot of fun to have when they bathe you too - get the Mr really really wet then he'll tell all his friends about it on Facebook and how they will all laugh and how popular you will be Dylan.
    Can't wait to hear more about your life with the Mr & Mrs - lots of walks remember Dylan as the Mr has to get fit!
    Best wishes